Privileges Kipchoge Will Enjoy After Receiving State Award

President Uhuru Kenyatta feted Eliud Kipchoge with a state award on Sunday, October 2o during Madaraka Day celebrations.

On Sunday, President Uhuru Kenyatta feted the world greatest ever marathoner Eliud Kipchoge with the highest civilian commendation.

Uhuru honoured Kipchoge with Elder of the Golden Heart after the athlete became the first-ever human to run a 42-kilometre marathon under 2 hours.

Kipchoge earned a spot in the Guinness Book of Record after smashing the INEOS159 challenge at 1:59:40.

Definitely, many people will ask themselves what the award means not only to the athlete but also to many others who were also honoured.

According to a reporting by Citizen TV, state commendations come with several benefits.

For Kipchoge and many others who were honoured, the invitation means that they will no longer attend national functions as common citizens but as state guests.

World greatest marathoner Eliud Kipchoge engages Deputy President William Ruto.

Kipchoge will be accorded heroes healthcare, housing and his dependants will get access to free education and also get jobs.

In addition, don’t be surprised that in future you notice a school, university or any other institutions named after Kipchoge.

The award gives leeway to stakeholders to name institutions, open parks and streets among others after Kipchoge and any other person with such an award.

Furthermore, the award allows the government to spend taxpayers monies in organising cultural festivals, concerts and events in the honour of Kipchoge and other heroes in future.

Also, if you think Kipchoge will one time go broke then perhaps you are dead wrong. The athlete is and will be entitled to financial assistance as at when he needs.

Now that you know the above benefits, the award finally means that the athlete will now be referred to as Eliud Kpichoge EGH.


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