7 Things Men Want In A Partner

Man Kissing Left Cheek of Smiling Woman

Men are known to be attracted to the physical appearances of the opposite sex, Even so, there is definitely more beyond that.

Most men are often reluctant to open up about their needs and the kind of woman of their dreams. Women seem more outspoken when it comes to relationship issues.

Although standards and preferences while searching for a partner may vary there are a number of things that are common.

Here are some of the qualities that men look for

1. Intelligence

Men find intelligence attractive and most of them prefer dating smart women.

It is so admirable to have a woman with big dreams, ambitions and expresses great interest in going beyond their comfort zone.

It is easy to deal with some of the slightest flaws but the truth is; no one wants to spend a lifetime with someone who is ‘dumb’.

2. A best friend they can f*ck

Even though relationships are not just about sex it is important to note that sexual connection is a very important component.

Men obviously wish to be with someone who can satisfy their sexual needs and will most likely settle for nothing less.


There is a strong value for anyone who can remain loyal to their lover. Especially with the high cases of cheating in relationships.

Men want the assurance that a woman will always choose to be with them.


A bold woman is naturally attractive. Men are intrigued by women who are can speak up and are daring enough to try out new things and be open to opportunities.



Although they might never admit it, men like to be loved and made to feel important.


Maturity in a relationship keeps the couple in a sane environment when things seem to be getting out of control.

Most women lack emotional maturity and have emotional outbursts which might be so difficult to deal with from a man’s perspective.

7.A good communicator

Communication is very key in every relationship and if your partner cannot express themselves well this could be so chaotic.

To avoid petty misunderstandings or arguments being with someone who understands your language and vice versa is what every man dreams of.

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