Miguna Reveals Another ‘Dirty Crime’ That Uhuru Used to Tame Raila

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Controversial lawyer Miguna Miguna attacks Raila Odinga again

Exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna has once again attacked former Prime Minister and ODM leader Raila Odinga in yet another online rant.

On Saturday morning, the former personal advisor to Raila took to Twitter to attack the former PM and his wife Ida Odinga over the mysterious death of their house help in 2011.

“August 1, 2011: Raila Odinga wanted to mark the August 1st, 1982 coup attempt with his maid, Leonida Amalemba, with whom he had had a steamy affair for years. Leonida was soon pronounced dead from “carbon monoxide poisoning” after Ida found her with Raila in a see-through dress,” Miguna alleged.

While sharing a newspaper article in which police had launched investigations into the death, Miguna alleges that President Uhuru Kenyatta used such ‘crimes’ to force Raila into ‘The Handshake’.

An Ambulance carries the remains of Ms Leonida Amalemba from PM Raila Odinga's Karen residence on August 02, 2011. Photo/WILLIAM OERI
An Ambulance carries the remains of Ms Leonida Amalemba from PM Raila Odinga’s Karen residence on August 02, 2011. Photo: Nation

“Raila and Ida only escaped prosecution because of Raila’s then position as PM. These are the crimes that Despot Uhuru managed to blackmail Raila with to get the HandChieth! Murderers masquerading as leaders must be stopped!” he tweeted.

In the 2011 incident, Ms Leonida Amalemba, 45, was found dead in her room at the Prime Minister’s Karen house by a colleague who had gone to investigate why she had overslept.

Police said then that preliminary investigations showed that there was no foul play but some detectives said she could have died of carbon monoxide poisoning as she had lit a charcoal jiko (charcoal stove) in her room before going to bed.

On Thursday, the outspoken lawyer had narrated how three of Raila’s children were fathered by someone in a Twitter rant that did not augur well with Kenyans on social media.

Raila with his family. Photo: Courtesy

“Fidel Odinga was the BIOLOGICAL SON of the late DAN OWINO. Raila married Ida when she was pregnant with Fidel. That is why Fidel’s house was built outside Raila’s Bondo home. And the reason he was NOT buried beside his own house or inside Raila’s homestead. TRUTH SETS US FREE!” reads Miguna’s post.

“Both Junior Odinga and Winnie Odinga are the BIOLOGICAL children of JOE AGER whom Ida got when The People’s Con-Man @RailaOdinga was in jail. It explains why Ager was the first person Raila appointed as Prime Minister and after the HandChieth. No more lies!” He added.

Miguna fell out with Raila after he was deported following Raila’s mock swearing-in in February 2018.

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