Man Seduces Magistrate in Bid to Have Bail Reduced


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A man caused drama at a Nairobi court after he sneaked into the dock to hold brief for his absent brother facing criminal charges.

The man who remained confident and calm, however, failed to hold brief till the end after the proceedings become too complicated.

“If you tell us why you violently robbed Omondi his phone you may escape the life sentence,” the prosecution challenged him.

The man on hearing about the life sentence statement quickly left the dock and said his brother was sick back at home.

“Why did you come to the dock when you knew you were not the accused person?” the prosecution asked.

In response, he said he had only come to ask for the permission on behalf of his brother so that a warrant of arrest is not issued against him.

The magistrate advised on the importance of keen identifications of suspects using their documents related to their physical appearance.

Man seduces magistrate in court

“You are pretty, clean and black beauty,” a man facing theft charges told a Nairobi magistrate.

The man hipped all sorts of praises on the magistrate with the aim of getting his cash bail reduced.

He also praised the prosecutor and called her a light skin.

“Your honour your prosecutor is a light skin too and lovely in the eyes of God,” he said.

All of you are beautiful and marvellous.

The magistrate, in her response, told him to relax and thanked him for the “observation”. She, however, declined his request to reduce his bail and told him the bail given to him was affordable.

“Thank you so much but the bond given to you is affordable, just pay it,” she said.

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Chew your bubble gum politely, magistrate tells the suspect

A Nairobi magistrate was forced to warn a man charged with assault from chewing his bubble gum in court.

The warning was sounded to the suspect moments after he made clicking sounds while chewing bubble gum.

He failed to hear the charges read to him and requested the court clerk to read the charge afresh.

“Mr] Accused all of us here have come on a serious mission, just stop what you are doing and give us the peace we deserve,” the magistrate warned him.

The magistrate told him to either chew the gum politely or he gets out of court and come back later.

“Do you want us to stop these sessions so that we give you a chance to chew the gum? It’s better you stop or you get out,” the magistrate said.

By the time the magistrate was done speaking, the accused was silent, still and attentive, politely nodding his head in agreement.

He was later charged and released on bond.


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