Weird Traits that Exist among Kenyans Only

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Living in Kenya is one of the dramatic things in life since things that go on are extremely weird and seem not to end at any time son.

Below is a list of some of the things that only happen in Kenya.


Kenyans copy everything, from dressing, talking, walking, eating habits, dancing, acting, singing, romance to even the way we do business and the way we invest. They believe that anything foreign is superior.

Not switching on security lights

Some fail to switch on at night in the name of saving power bills only to complain of rising insecurity when a neighbor is killed by thugs.

Always waiting for disaster to strike to swing into action.

Fires, hunger, violence, building collapse, stolen money, crime etc This happens even in our homes and working places. No one will talk out till the disaster hits.

Bitterly complaining of the bad transport culture

They complain then boarding the same PSV and allowing the crew to harass them and violate their rights e.g how many times do you hear after an accident that ‘the driver was speeding’.

Not realizing that the greatest common enemy they face is not their neighbor, the other tribe, race or foreigners.

POVERTY brought about by all the above Is the main enemy. Withdrawing cash from ATM and even after getting the printout of the transaction, a Kenyan will still count the cash.

Always believing that the government needs to intervene to better their lives even if it is cleaning your own compound.

Having the mentality of ‘it only happens to others but not me’ thereby exposing themselves to danger continuously e.g scooping fuel from accident sites and drinking poison alcoholic liquor.

Believing politicians words more than God’s words.

Thinking that any kind of meaningful change must start with someone else e.g eliminating corruption, tribalism, crime, etc.

Trooping to church and other religious centers religiously but leaving their ears outside.

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