Aisha Jumwa Storms ODM’s Aspirant Meeting, Video Emerges

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa in court [Photo, Courtesy]
Video footage has emerged online showing Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa storming the Tuesday meeting of ODM aspirant for Ganda Ward Ruben Katana.

The resulting fight between Aisha and Katana’s supporters led to the death of 48-year-old Ngumabo Jola.

In the Video, Aisha is seen surrounded by angry youths who are spoiling for a fight.

She is engaged in a heated confrontation with a group of people surrounding her with a police officer seen trying to calm the situation.

Aisha then directs her anger at a man dressed in a white shirt but they are quickly separated.

At this point, the crowd is heard shouting “enda kwenyu” (Go to your place)

Police officers unsuccessfully fail to calm the tense situation as the MP escalates verbal arguments with her opponents.

Aisha then tries to attack a woman but police control her.

Watch the video here:

On Wednesday Aisha was arraigned in a Mombasa Court with her aide Okuto Otieno for the murder Jola, who is also the uncle of the ODM Candidate.

Resident magistrate Vincent Adet ruled that the two spend the night in cells and be presented before the court on Thursday.

According to Malindi police report, the Malindi MP stormed the home of the Katana on Tuesday night while the meeting was in progress.

The report says Aisha queried what the meeting about when hell broke loose forcing her bodyguards to shoot in the air severally to disperse the chaotic crowd of around 500 people.

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