Police Release Report on Shooting Involving Aisha Jumwa

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Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa. She has been accused of storming ODM candidate Reuben Mwambire Katana’s compound leading to the shooting of one supporter. Photo/Courtesy

Just some hours after Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa was arrested alongside four others following the shooting dead of one person when they allegedly stormed the home of an ODM candidate, on Tuesday, Malindi police have released a detailed report concerning the incident.

According to the report, police officers from the station had gone to ODM candidate Reuben Mwambire Katana’s compound to ascertain what was happening after they were tipped off by members of the public about an ongoing political meeting.

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Aisha Jumwa when she was arrested on Wednesday morning. Photo/Courtesy

It is while at Katana’s compound trying to arrest the organizers of the meeting that Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa’s convoy also arrived.

Upon her arrival, the MP is said to have inquired about what the meeting was all about. In the process, the crowd became rowdy and violent and started pelting stones and crude weapons at Jumwa and her group forcing her aids to shoot in the air severally trying to disperse the rowdy mob.

Jumwa was arrested on Wednesday morning at around 4 am after the police officers camped at her gate from 10 pm, on Tuesday, when she refused to grant them access. She was taken to Kilifi Police Station.

Here is the full statement:

Kilifi county
Malindi sub-county
Malindi police station
Subject : Shooting Incident Report. Ref my OB no 96/15/10/2019 at 2045Hrs.

That today at around 17.30Hrs at Mshongoleni Pendukiani area, Ganda location Map Ref. 167424, That the deputy sub-county police commander Mr.Solomon Kosgey Asp, S/Sgt Julius Maina and party had gone to respond to an unlawful gathering after a tip from the members of the public and upon reaching the said place found a crowd of people numbering about 500,the said place had tents pitched all over the compound and there were vehicles and motorcycles parked in the compound of one Reuben Mwambire Katana who is a candidate in the forthcoming by-elections of Ganda ward scheduled for the 17th of October 2019.

And while they were in the process of arresting the organizers of the alleged meeting, The area member of Parliament Hon Aisha Jumwa arrived in a convoy of 3 vehicles accompanied by her aids and other unidentified people,they a lighted from their vehicles and she enquired as to what was happening there and upon enquiring the crowd became rowdy and violent and started pelting stones and crude weapons at the said Hon. Mp and her group.

A scuffle ensued, the deputy sub-county police commander Mr.Kosgei and his group intervened trying to calm the situation and to protect the area Mp. Hon. Aisha Jumwa and her group who were being attacked by the crowd. The bodyguard of Hon Aisha Jumwa started shooting In the air and in the process the mob started shouting alleging that the bodyguard had shot unknown male adult and they became more rowdy and violent forcing the officers to fire in the air to disperse them.

During the incident the following officers 1.Mr.Solomon Kosgei fired one round of 9mm from his Jericho pistol S/No KP 44321251, 2.No 67680 S/Sgt Julius Maina fired one round of 9mm from his Ceska pistol S/No.F3563.And No.112290 PC Nicholas Muthanga fired two rounds of 7.62 mm from his AK47 S/No.705437 .

During the incident, the following suffered injuries as follows, Mr.Solomon Kosgei suffered a swollen shoulder And No.67680 S/Sgt Julius Maina suffered swollen left elbow joint. The crowd continued to be riotous until the area MP and her group went away.

The sub-county police commander Mr. Philip Wambugu brought in more reinforcement and attended to the scene of the incident. The injured person by the name Ngumbao Jola a giria Male adult aged about 48 years was taken to Malindi general hospital where he was pronounced dead an arrival and body preserved at the same hospital mortuary awaiting postmortem Progress report to follow.

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