Ganda Resident Painfully Narrates How Aisha Jumwa Stormed Meeting (Video)

Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa in Court//Photo Courtesy

A resident of Ganda Ward, Kilifi County has given his account of the events surrounding the death of Mr. Gumbao Jola, the man who was shot dead following a fracas that was allegedly caused by Aisha Jumwa during an ODM Agents meeting.

According to the resident, Aisha Jumwa stormed an ODM meeting at Mr. Reuben Katana’s (ODM Candidate) residence and took issue with a number of officers who she had allegedly sent on a mission.

“I sent you on a mission, why are you still dilly dallying? Let me handle my issues in my own way,” Aisha Jumwa told officers present at the scene. This is according to the resident whose Video Clip is doing rounds on the interwebs.

Aisha then demanded that she is shown ODM candidate Reuben Katana.

“Where is Reuben’s house? Who is Reuben ?” Asked an Angry Aisha Jumwa.

That was the cause of tension and chaos. Jumwa then snatched a Pistol from her bodyguard and upon being shown who Reuben was, she aimed a shot a the ODM candidate and it is at that point that the bullet landed on Mr. Gumbao Jola.

Mr. Gumbao was shot on the chest and was pronounced dead on arrival at the Malindi Sub County Hospital.



Jumwa and her bodyguard, Okuto Otieno were arrested and presented to Court on Wednesday. The two appeared before Senior Resident Magistrate Vincent Adet who ordered that they be locked up for the night.

The two will be presented to Court on Thursday even as the Prosecution seek to have them detained for 21 days to give room for indepth investigations.

The Magistrate will give a ruling on the same on Thursday.

Apart from Jumwa and her bodyguard, the police also arrested the MP’s Gradener and Domestic Worker.

Aisha Jumwa is out to ensure ODM is defeated in her own backyard having vowed to teach the Raila Odinga led Party a Political lesson.

Despite being in custody, the Vocal Malindi MP has vowed to not slow down anytime soon.

“A people united will never be defeated. They will never break our resolve!” She Said.

Aisha Jumwa is behind Abdul Omar Mohamed an Independent Candidate.

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