Kenyans React after Daily Nation Publishes ‘Obscene’ Headline

Kenyans flock a Newspaper vendor to read headlines. PHOTO: Courtesy

Kenyans were taken by surprise after a Daily Nation- a leading media house, posted a ‘raunchy’ headline on a story involving Deputy President William Ruto.

The story that has since attracted dozens of comments caused a stir in the online circles with its headline suggestively having a sexual connotation.

While the story titled “DP Ruto Fingered in Governor Samboja’s Impeachment Woes” is about the circumstances surrounding a plot to impeach the current Taita-Taveta Governor, some people read a bit more than just that.

These are some of the comments.

Taita Taveta County Assembly impeached the Governor last week after months of a political standoff between the Members of County Assembly and the County’s top leadership.

The bad blood that has attracted the attention of prominent politicians including ODM leader Raila Odinga and Deputy President Dr William Ruto took a new twist when MCAs finally voted to dethrone Governor Samboja.

Local leaders in the county blame DP Ruto, claiming he connived with the MCAs to impeach the Governor after Samboja openly declared support for the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga.

The March 9, 2018, handshake between the two top 2017 Presidential contenders has brewed division in the ruling Jubilee Party with two opposing factions emerging.

A group of Jubilee MPs in support of the handshake (Kieleweke) and another group against the handshake and allied to DP Ruto (Tangatanga).

While touring Taita-Taveta County in September, DP Ruto took issue with the embattled Governor Samboja who skipped his events.

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