Vehicle Photographed Almost Falling Into Ocean as Dangerous Ferry Operations Proceed

The disturbing photo of dangerous ferry operations at Likoni on Monday,Ā  even after the recent tragedy

The ramp is dragging in the water, and the ferry seems overloaded with a lorry parked in an awkwardly slanting position. This was the situation in one of the ferries operating at the Likoni channel as shared by a concerned journalist.

In the photo shared by a renowned K24 journalist Eric Njoka, a ferry that is in transit is shown with the ramp that is supposed to secure vehicles immersed in water.

A green lorry is in a dangerous position with half of its body inside the ferry, while the other half rests on the slippery ramp.

A long-shot of the dangerous ferry in transit at the Likoni Channel

This emerges days after the death of a mother and her daughter whose vehicle reversed and plunged into the Indian Ocean as bystanders watched helplessly.

The bodies of Miriam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu were retrieved on Friday, 13 days after the freak accident.

View of the car involved in the latest Likoni Tragedy

It was expected that the tragedy would act as a wake up call for the government to step up, and passengers using the ferries to mind their safety, but evidently, more sensitisation is needed.

Furious Kenyans have responded to the photo, expressing shock at how Kenya Ferry Services (KFS) could continue being so careless.

“What a shame, No regard for human life. Safety measures have to be put in place ASAP,” wrote one Ismail Kimani.

“And the Kenya Maritime Authority has opened investigations into the last incident…jokers,” another Kenyan lamented.

Some considered the situation as criminal calling on the Directorate of Criminal Investigations to probe the KFS.

Ironically, the Kenya Ferry Service on Monday issued safety guidelines for motorists to follow when crossing the channel.

In the guidelines, KFS directed that motorists should alight their vehicles and turn the engines off while on the ferry.

The service also insisted that motorists should ensure they have enough space to brake.

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