Angry Joho Lashes Out To His Critics Over Likoni Tragedy

Governor Joho lashes out to his critics over Likoni Tragedy.

With the body of a mother and her daughter inside the car retrieved in the Likoni Tragedy, Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho has told off his critics who accused him of doing nothing to help in the recovery mission.

Speaking during the launch of waste management vehicles bought by Mombasa County Government, Joho lashed at out to those who were quick to point blaming fingers saying they too could not offer anything to salvage the situation.

“We got a ferry tragedy, and so many people started saying a lot of things and giving too many stories…

but what we are saying is that when we are having a tragedy people with culture and respect to God for the affected as well as giving their condolences,” said Joho.

File: Mariam Kaghenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu. The two lost their lives in Likoni Tragedy.

The Governor also lauded the team that undertook the recovery mission saying they had sacrificed themselves and endangered their lives for a selfless goal.

“So that person who feels like he or she has what it takes to utter so much on social media, don’t even try diving 60m but try even 5m, because they were people who were so loud let them dive five metres.

So when the vehicle is retrieved it means there are people who sacrificed a lot and had their lives on the line,” added the Governor.

Joho also urged Kenyans on social media to respect the family by avoiding nasty remarks so that the family can mourn peacefully.

Bodies of Mariam Kaghenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu, which her aboard their vehicle, were retrieved on Friday by a multi-agency team.

Their vehicle plunged to the Indian Ocean on  Sunday, September 29.

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