Wreckage of Likoni Ferry Tragedy Car Found

Rescue operations at the Likoni Channel. A multiagency team has recovered the wreckage of the car that sunk with a woman and child [Photo, Courtesy]

Government Spokesperson Colonel Cyrus Oguna has said the rescue team in charge of the search of a woman and child who drowned at the Indian Ocean 11 days ago have spotted wreckage of a car at the scene of the accident.

Colonel Oguna, however said he cannot confirm whether it was the actual car or if the bodies are trapped inside the wreckage.

In his address to the media on Wednesday afternoon, Colonel Oguna disclosed the rescue team are in the process of pulling the wreckage of the vehicle from which is 58 meters deep in the ocean.

He said several government agencies and private organisations have been working together with the Kenya Navy in the operation.

​The Navy Officer in charge of the operation Colonel Lawrence Kituma earlier told media that they employed special equipment in the operation.

The multiagency team has been working tirelessly to locate the car and the bodies.

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