Swedish Diver Faces the Wrath of Govt Officials After Failed Mission in Likoni

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The Government through Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna has taken a swipe at Swedish diver, Volker Bassen over what it termed as spectacular failure after the diver’s mission in Likoni to help retrieve the bodies of Mariam Kighenda and Amanda Mutheu bore no fruits.

Diver Bassen was brought into the Likoni recovery mission having promised that he could retrieve the bodies in two hours if given a chance. This however did not happen with the diver later admitting that he had the task ahead was too complex compared to what he had anticipated.

Following news that the vehicle that was carrying Mrs Kighenda together with his daughter had been spotted on Wednesday, Oguna took a dig at Bassen during a briefing to the press.

“There are some people who claimed they could retrieve the bodies from the sea in two hours’ time, but they failed spectacularly, and took off. You know them,” Said Oguna.

Bassen and his team of three people had last week on Friday Morning mapped the briny water body and scanned several blocks within the waters of the Likoni channel in a bid to locate Kighenda’s Toyota Isis.

The team used a four-seater motorboat fitted with screens to monitor echo signals. At around 1pm, Bassen took a lunch break, and resumed the search operation at 3pm.

A few minutes past 5pm, he wore his underwater gear, and dived into the ocean alongside a support diver.

After 45 minutes, he emerged out of the water.

Volker Bassen said they identified one spot within the sea that they suspected Kighenda’s vehicle could have been deposited.

The spot, he stated, was 60 meters deep.

The diver said he wished the State could suspend ferry operations for an hour Friday night so that they could dive and get to the “exact spot”.

He would however later reveal that was travelling out of the Country and as such could not continue with the search.

“Tomorrow [Saturday, October 5], I will be travelling out of Kenya hence I won’t be able to take part in the subsequent search operation,” he said.

Meanwhile, Oguna has confirmed that the vehicle that was on Wednesday spotted in the ocean is that of Mrs Kighenda.

The Government spokesman has however not confirmed if the bodies of Kighenda together with that of his daughter were in the spotted car.

The Process of getting the vehicle out of the deep waters is expected to kick off on Thursday even as Kighenda’s family remain optimistic that they will find the bodies of their loved ones for burial.

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