Sailors Finally Move Out After Claims They Couldn’t Afford Rent

Wamlambez Hitmakers, Sailors group are finally moving out after ‘Kamati ya roho chafu‘ had earlier claimed that they couldn’t afford rent.

Their manager, NRG radio presenter Mwalimu Rachel took to her social media and captioned an emotional message. She wished them all the best as they start a new life in their new place.

“And just like that my @sailors254 finally move to their new place after searching for months for a place they would be comfy and within budget.YES! Late night shopping at@QuickmartKenyaand I had to give them a warning hapo kwa liquor section…Mimi ni mama still..”

“Ati shower gel or sabuni? My fren@dennismasilver! You are starting life. Sabuni, please. Live your life vile unaweza! Shower gel will come later. Loool. Am I right wangwana?…Kwanza ningenunua panga soap loooool!.” Mwalimu added.

Mwalimu Rachel had earlier been under fire for exploiting the Sailors group. She was accused of posting their music on her personal channel. She tried to defend herself that all was working that way as it was a mutual agreement between her and the group.

       Mwalimu Rachel     

The group on Wednesday, October 3, revealed that they had ‘ditched’ her channel that they had been posting their content on ever since they broke into the mainstream stage.

“Mwenda pole hajikwai! Our official YouTube channel is now public kindly subscribe,” shared Sailors on Instagram.

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