Raila’s Wrath Unleashed on The Standard Over Defamation Remarks

ODM leader Raila Odinga

ODM leader Raila Odinga was left fuming after remarks by the Standard newspaper over cars that were nabbed by the DCI.

Through his lawyers, Raila vowed to take the media house to court over an article that stated that the authorities were after him over illegally registering a motor vehicle.

In an affidavit seen by this reporter, the legal team from the Olouch and company advocates remarked that the media firm had misinformed the public in regards to the matter.

Affidavit against Standard media house
Affidavit against Standard media house (Second page)
Affidavit against Standard media house (Third page)
Affidavit against Standard media house (Fourth page)
Affidavit against Standard media house (Fifth page)

The lawyers expressed that the article had painted a bad image of their client to Kenyans.

According to the team, the publication insinuates that Raila is a fugitive, criminal, tax fraudster and a person of questionable character.

“The word ‘wanted in tax probe’ as published in the above mentioned newspaper taken in its natural meaning further portrays our client as a tax evader or a tax cheat.” read a part of the document.

Raila’s legal representatives added that the content of the story against the politician was false.

They revealed that the opposition party leader did not own the vehicle purported to have been confisticated by the DCI as reported by the Mombasa Road based company.

“The Former Prime Minister neither owns nor has he been in possession now and in the past the mentioned motor vehicle Range Rover KCS 002D.” continued the statement.

The angered Raila described the move by Standard as a way to cause harm, damage and embarrass him in both a personal capacity and professional manner.

He demanded that the popular media house issue an apology over the matter and have the article removed.

“An unconditional retraction of the stated publication. Unconditional apology which should be published in the front page as the defamatory statement.” stated Lawyer Olouch.

The media house has been given a week to heed to the demands failure to which Raila will sue the company.

The Thursday articled alleged that cars of the likes of CS Eugene Wamalwa, Kirinyaga Women Rep Purity Ngirici;s husband, Steve Mbogo, Igembe North MP Maoka Maore, Kuria West MP Mathias Robi, Embakasi West George Theuri, former West Mugirango MP James Gesami and Former Kaisipul MP Oyugi Magwanyaga were part of  the wanted list.

ODM leader Raila Odinga using his Range Rover vehicle in the past

The story reported that a check by NTSA of the details of Raila’s vehicle were unsuccessful.

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