Police Spokesperson Blame Parents Over Rot in Service

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Police spokesperson Charles Owino. He has blamed parents for pushing their poorly performed children to join the service. Photo/File

Police spokesperson, Charles Owino, has blamed members of the public in particular Kenyan parents over the current rot being witnessed in the police service.

According to Owino, most of the parents were responsible since they usually push some of their children, who according to him, have failed in life thinking that the police force only belongs to failures.

Owino wondered why parents of students who excel in academics and even acquire different degrees never ask for vacancies in the police service.

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Some of the traffic officers napped with some of the bribes obtained from motorists.

“There are very many people pushed by parents to join the police; either they don’t want to have them at home or there are no other jobs…everybody wants to bring somebody who has failed to the system,” wondered Owino.

“Even as the prison’s recruitment beckons, you will not hear of any parent coming to me and claiming their child graduated with a certain degree and wants him/her to go and work in the service…everybody will tell you to help that child who performed badly in school,” he added.

He lamented that police was not an institution for failures but rather for brilliant brains. He further blamed the society and culture for shaping the service as an institution only meant for the less educated.

“It is important for us to understand that police work is not a comfortable job…it is a job that needs passion, dedication and self-discipline,” he maintained.

His remarks come at a time the service has been marred with a lot of indiscipline cases.

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The recent wave of police officers involving themselves in bizarre criminal activities has painted the force in bad light.

The current incident involves three police officers attached to Kayole Police Station, who were arrested following a foiled robbery in Eastleigh, Nairobi one week ago.

According to the police reports, the three were part of a six-man gang which stormed a hotel room armed with pistols and demanded that the two occupants surrender all the money in their possession.


Recently, two other officers were also captured on CCTV harassing and stealing from an MPesa shop and a bar in Kasarani, Nairobi.

A month ago, three police officers made away with Ksh72 million from cash-on-transit van and ATM in Nairobi West area.

These criminal activities have put police on the limelight with other some of the officers forced to take the mantle upon themselves and appeal on their colleagues to behave and stick to the oat of office they took upon their pass outs.


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