Parte After Parte, How Kenyans Are Gearing Up For Moi Day

How Kenyans Are Gearing Up For Moi Day (Courtesy)

‘Parte after Parte’ has become the hottest phrase in Kenya after Ugandan singer Rowland Kaiza, alias Big Trill turned it into a hit song.

Just like the Ochunglo family who turned Governor Lonyang’apuo’s ‘Kaa Na Mama Yako’ phrase into a song, Big Trill also used a public figure’s phrase and turned into a certified hit.

The musician drew his inspiration from a 2011 video clip on NBS television where Pastor Martin Sempa is seen complaining about how Ugandan youth like to party by saying that it’s always ‘parte after parte’ for them.

Now that 10th October has been declared a public holiday, Kenyans are in for some serious ‘partes after partes’ because they will party on Thursday, Friday and Saturday in usual Kenyan fashion.

Parte after Parte  (Courtesy)

A brief look at Twitter has shown that Kenyans are stocking up on alcohol and movies to make sure that they make the most out of their long weekend.

Below are some tweets from the ‘parte after parte’ trending topic:

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