Kambua and 7 other Kenyan Celebrities Who Come From Very Rich Families

With the rise of celebrities in Kenya, many walk-in interviews and share how they’ve risen to the top and how they made it there.

Some, however, brag that they are self-made while others acknowledge mentors and people who helped them rise to the top.

Here are celebrities who come from rich families and their rise to success hasn’t been as painful as others who rose from the slums.

1.Bien Aime Barasa: 

Might be a shocker to many of his fans but This Afro-pop member from Sauti has a rich mom! Remember the Forner Deputy Chief Justice Nancy Barasa?Yup! That’s his mom. Bien doesn’t talk about his family though an is very private.

Bien-Aime Barasa

2. Sean Andrew Kibaki:

Sean is former president Mwai Kibaki’s grandson. This hunk has blazed up the is a model and a renowned vlogger. His photos clearly show that he is a heartthrob.

Sean Andrew Kibaki

3.Lupita Nyong’o:

This Emmy award winner and Hollywood actress is Kisumu Governor’s daughter. He is one of the Key pillars in shaping Kenyan politics and the daughter is now known all over the world as well.

        Lupita Nyong’o


4.Grace Msalame:

This curvy media Personality is not new to fame and prestige. Her dad was one of the mostAnerlisa Mui listened to the guy on the radio. Tony Msalame had the most listened to show ‘Sheki Legi’ in one of the biggest radio stations in the 90’s.

Grace Msalame

5.Kambua Manundu:

Musician and TV host Kambua love of music and God started since birth. Her father was the famous Radio and televangelist Prof.Manundu.

Kambua Maundu-Mathu

6.Talia Oyando:

This Night Nurse is not new to fame. Her dad was a well-known Music Producer. Maurice Oyando was celebrated in the music industry.

Talia Oyando

7.Anerlisa Muigai:

This beautiful fiancee to Ben Pol is the daughter of top businesswoman, Keroche’s CEO Tabitha Karanja. She is also the founder of Nero water firm the makers of ‘Executive Water’.

Anerlisa Muigai


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