From Grass to Grace! Kenya Celebrities Who Became Famous After Video Went Viral

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Being in the eyes of the public is not a walk in the park, in most cases, celebrities have tirelessly worked for their fame and fortune.

There are three types of celebrities; those who were lucky to be born rich and famous, the second group is those who actively sought to become famous by frequenting auditions and sending records to recording studios so that their talents can be discovered.

The third group is the special ones who were actually discovered by pure chance.

Their luck turned after they were discovered on the street while some after their videos went viral.

Here is a list of Kenyan stars who have risen to fame and fortune by what is considered to be lucky.

Amani Gracious

The 13-year-old became the talk of the town after a clip of her singing Alicia’s popular hit ‘Girl on Fire’ went viral on social media platforms.

Her life changed after she was signed a two-year deal with a recording label Pinecreekmusic which includes a minimum of Ksh 2.5 Million.

She automatically joined the list of young talented musicians in Kenya, she has so far released a couple of songs.

James Kang’ethe 

The ghetto Radio presenter rose to fame after his eye witness interview went viral.

Bonoko deh Singisingi a name well known by his fans was caught on a viral video explaining to journalists how a ‘mutura’ vendor in Ngara was killed and framed by the cops by that time he was a street boy.

His ‘bonoko’ video went viral and that’s how he landed presenter job at Ghetto Radio.


Jose came to public limelight after his eye witness interview with a national television caused a stir on social media.

Jose was explaining to journalists how criminal activities are on a rise at Kasarani but his hilarious  ‘nikama vindio nikama ndurama’ statement made him famous.

Mr witnesser is currently the face of the Safaricom Storo Ibambe promotion.


 Jane Anyango 

Adika ‘serikali saidia’ came to public limelight after her eye witness interview with a national television caused a stir on social media.

She became a public figure after her ‘cry’ on the government to intervene after River Nyando burst its banks.

Seven years down the line, her cry paid and she landed an ambassadorial job at the Department of Special Programmes in Kisumu County as flood Preparedness. She is also the face of Safaricom Storo Ibambe’s promotion just like Jose.


Fast rising comedian Kartelo whose real name is  Nick Chege, came to limelight after his hilarious sheng video went viral.

A few months down the line after being discovered, the young man has been making a name in the entertainment industry with his head-scratching sheng words.

His unique comedy landed him a job at Chipukeezy show.


She is the little girl behind ‘Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi ‘ statement which translates to the dog ate the gum.

Just like Bonoko, days after her audio of a kid saying the same statement in a Meru accent went viral, a group of gengetone Ochungulo family jumped into it and released a banger dubbed ‘Mbingiji imekulwa na ndongi’.

According to Ocungulo who promised to pay Happiness’s school fees, the little kid’s accent and voice is wonderful.

That statement has changed her life.


James Mbugua

James Mbugua came to limelight after his Mathwiti na Makeki Maingi video went viral after he narrated how he was chased from a birthday party for being dirty.

He was later appointed Valentines’ cake house brand ambassador.




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