Car in Likoni Tragedy Positively Identified

Government Spokesperson Cyrus Oguna on Wednesday evening confirmed that the car involved in the Likoni tragedy has been found.

Oguna, through a press briefing stated that the government was in the process of pulling it out of the water, a procedure that will be conducted on Thursday at 9am.

He remarked that the vehicle that sank with Mariam Kighenda and her daughter Amanda Mutheu aboard, had been spotted 57 metres deep.

“I can confirm that the car with the registration plate KCB 289C has been found” remarked Oguna.

In a video seen by this reporter, the car is claimed to be upside down with a body inside it.

The body however could not be confirmed to be either of the mother or the child.

The clip was taken by a robot belonging to the Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) that had been deployed as part of the recovery operation.

Further information reiterated that the divers who were part of the mission confirmed the status of the wreckage.

Colonel Oguna had earlier stated that they could not confirm if the car pictured by the device was indeed the one that sank during the disaster.

Colonel Lawrence Kituma, who is the Kenya Navy Officer in charge of the operation, had disclosed that they resorted to using special equipment to aid with the task.

There were fears that the car would not be found as the operations had entered the eleventh day without success.

The government at one point had called for volunteers to help in the matter after facing several setbacks.

Kenya Navy officer during the Likoni tragedy recovery mission

On Tuesday, Divers from South Africa had joined the Kenya team in a bid to make the operation successfull.

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