VIDEO – Diamond’s English ‘Tweng’ Sends Social Media To a Halt

Musician Diamond Platnumz caused an online uproar after a video of his speech speaking in English went viral. He was giving the speech during the Best Of Africa (BoA)Awards which happened in London.

BoA is an awarding event meant to honour and celebrate the philanthropic endeavours and achievements of footballers of African heritage and other stakeholders.

He won an award for the Philanthropic Endeavour Community Action thanks to his contribution to society.

However, despite his grand achievement, people were distracted by his nasal accent as he wrangled with the Queen’s language.

Check out the reactions below after his speech went viral;

Wamuyu Mabuga Uweeuh am sure his tongue was vibrating and had tingling sensations all night after hii rusungu yote his head must be spinning from cramming these lines all week. Good job Tanasha 👏👏 imagine a whole night of no swahili 🤔

Penelapy Mwende Najua alilala kichwa ikimuuma😂😂😂😂

Philomena Achando Wah apo alitoa rusungu yote alifundishwa ma wema🤣🤣🤣👏

Mwari Tess Those talking about his English needs to know ametoka mbali na kizungu si mdomo ya waTZ…first mjue diamond hana masomo but amepita hao mabwana zenu broke. Wako mpaka. Na madegree..

Tumah Tyfu Mara ngapi nitawaambi he speaks english the same way a mzungu speaks Swahili

Candice Candy Wengine wenu hapa hata hamuwezi ongea kwa family gathering juu ya kutetemeka naa mnacheka chibu 😂😂😂😂😂

Aliyah Aliyah Ako sawa ata cristiano Ronald anavunja vunja 😂😂bora talent iko

Congrats faza Abraham

Binti Sule Job well done but Nani hufunza Hawa wabongo English coz si wote Wana tweng🤣🤣

despicable me lol GIF

Solidad Njeri Nmeskiza fingers zikiwa crossed🤞🏻asikosee mahali😂

Layla Johns No matter how broken it’s his fame and money got voice

Ann David 🤣🤣🤣🤣 tymond wee😂😂😂 mpka utumie mikono kama waititi wetu

Min Le’Bron George But diamond knows English, what type of fans are you jamani. Hamjaskia akiwa interview before. Anyway Kenyans should know that English is not a measure of intelligence but just a language

Trouble with English

This is not the first time he has been on the receiving end of trolls for his ‘poor’ English in communication and writing.

It is interesting to note that his children, Latifah Dangote and PrinceNillan communicate better in English in comparison to him. Sometimes back, they made headlines after a video of them speaking in English went viral. It seems the two took after their mother, Zari Hassan who too communicates in nasal-y English.

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