‘They Look Silly’- Raila’s Cousin Condemns Catholic Bishops Over Ban On Cash Donations

DP Ruto gives his cash donation to Cardinal John Njue.

Former Gem Member of Parliament Jakoyo Midiwo has lashed out at the Catholic bishops over their move to ban cash donations in their places of worship.

Speaking to NTV Kenya on Tuesday, during amlive show, the former Mp criticised the decision terming it ridiculous and out of proportion.

“I find it ridiculous. Why didn’t they make the declaration before the deadline of Sh1000 notes?

They look silly that is so to speak because it had been alleged that people were hiding monies in their churches and that they would go to churches to campaign with it.

This church waits for the until 3Oth before it calls for a conference to make A bizarre declaration,” said the MP.

Midiwo, who is a cousin to Orange Democratic Movement(ODM) party leader Raila Odinga, said the church still need cash donations for the improvement of its infrastructure.

Catholic Church has banned cash church donations in its worship centres.

He accused the church leaders of hypocrisy and claimed that church donations have been politicised to disadvantage the Deputy President William Ruto.

“I feel these all issue about politics and church was being politicised against William Ruto. The Pope’s church is nearly 700 years in Rome and still conduct Harambees. Whom do you want to build churches?

I am a Christian, Wamatangi and Mwaura here, their churches look like palaces because they have many rich people from their village and they love God,” added Midiwo.

The former National Assembly minority leader further said donations will not be stopped and urged politicians to shun politicising the matter.

“You can’t tell us to stop donating, I saw an MP from Nyanza telling us you limit Harambee to Sh100,000. How much money do you know I have? Harambee must be kept. Let us not use it politically.

You cant tell me that you are inviting me for Harambee and you want me to send via MPESA. You want to use backchannel that congregants do not know,” said the former MP.

The Kenya Conference of the Catholic Bishops (KCCB) Chairperson Philip Anyolo.

The attack by Midiwo comes at the backdrop of Catholic Bishops’ decision to ban cash donations and politicking during its liturgical celebrations.

The Kenya Conference of the Catholic Bishops (KCCB) announce the new directive on Saturday during their national prayers at Subukia, Nakuru County.

The chairperson of KCCB Archbishop Philip Anyolo said the new directive sought to curb the runaway cases of corruption.

The Kisumu Diocese Bishop also added that the church will be tracking donations through keeping records.

“We shall keep records of any gifts to a religious leader exceeding Kshs50,000.

All gifts should be accompanied by a letter or acknowledged by a letter. Our churches will not be used as political platforms or for any other motive,” added the Bishop.

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