Lame Reasons Why Kenyan Men Dump Their Women


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You do not look as attractive anymore

Most men are attracted to physical beauty and when you fail to maintain this look; they begin to lose interest in you.

The belief that a perfect woman has got the curves and firm boobs pose a great risk to your relationship.

A number of ladies can admit that their men started cheating when they lost weight. In very weird circumstances men shamelessly body shame their women before they break up with them.

Feeling intimidated

When a woman is more successful than a man; he is likely to feel threatened by her achievements.

There is a strong opinion that men are created to be providers and it bothers them if they are not financially stable.

 Refusing to take wife responsibilities

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There is a habit of men expecting women to take up ‘wife responsibilities’ even if they do not intend to be fully committed to the relationship.

In other words, some men use their women by tasking them with house chores.

If the lady does not show a willingness to submit to these duties, men can easily be tempted to get a replacement.

Fear of commitment

Generally, men and women in this generation are scared of committing to relationships and prefer having a sense of freedom.

If you give any hints of wanting to settle with a man who is not ready, be sure that you will get your ass dumped.

Misleading advice from friends

Negative opinions from friends can sabotage relationships. Men can discredit your woman and prompt you to have a strong desire to cut ties with them.

What are other lame reasons that lead to being dumped in a relationship?


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