Religious Outfit That Has Had the Lion’s Share of Ruto’s Donations Revealed

File: AIPCA’s clergy Samson Muthuri, Fredrick Wang’ombe, Timothy Gakubia and John Mwaura of AIPCK at AIPC Bahati church.

City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir has slammed AIPCA church after it allegedly condemned the catholic church for ending cash donations on its places of worship.

The lawyer through his social media account, took a swipe at the church claiming that they are the biggest beneficiary of  Tanga Tanga donations and questioned whether they were truly religious.

“Today, AIPCA Bishops condemned my Church, Roman Catholic Of unbiblical act after it ended cash donations at Fundraisings … AIPCA is the biggest recipient of TangaTanga Money for the “Christian Church”… But is it?” questioned the Lawyer.

The Catholic faithful went ahead and condemned the Church’s way of operation, insinuating that their style of operation was similar to a political one.

“Its website doesn’t have even one Bible verse. If one reads it, you won’t know what it believes in.

Leadership in the Church is by election pursuant political style campaigns. Its Leadership has no theological training. AIPCA can’t surely be a Christian Church,” claimed the Lawyer.

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City Lawyer Donald Kipkorir slams AIPCA church for condemning Catholic Church.

The attack by the lawyer comes at the backdrop of Catholic Bishops’ decision to ban cash donations and politicking during its liturgical celebrations.

The Kenya Conference of the Catholic Bishops (KCCB) announce the new directive on Saturday during their national prayers at Subukia, Nakuru County.

The chairperson of KCCB Archbishop Philip Anyolo said the new directive sought to curb the runaway cases of corruption.

“Contributions to fundraisers in our churches will be done by mobile money transfers or preferably by cheque. This will prevent handling of a large amount of cash and give a clear trail of donors,” said Anyolo.

The Kisumu Diocese Bishop also added that the church will be tracking donations through keeping records.

“We shall keep records of any gifts to a religious leader exceeding Kshs50,000.

All gifts should be accompanied by a letter or acknowledged by a letter. Our churches will not be used as political platforms or for any other motive,” added the Bishop.


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