9 Productive Things To Do While Stuck In Traffic

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Being stuck in traffic can be so annoying, boring and worse even it is such a waste of time.

It can, however, be a blessing in disguise if you make yourself familiar with activities that can help you use time wisely.

Apart from focusing on entertaining activities like watching movies and playing games, you can equally engage in productive acts.

In Nairobi for instance, traffic is the order of the day (inevitable) and instead of lodging complaints, it is possible to embrace some thriving ideas.

Instead of sleeping or being idle while peeping through the window, there are many things that you can do.

Have a look

1. Go through your emails

Check your mails and write a plan on how you will send your replies. Depending on your priorities and urgency, you can reply to some immediately or draft your responses and send them later.

2. Read a book

Knowledge is power! Whether fiction or academic books, both could really be helpful. Reading is so refreshing and at the same time; you will learn one or two things from the text.

In case you are on a bus with loud music like ‘Mat za ronga’  you can pick on something different to keep you busy.

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3.Catch up with friends and family on social media

If making phone calls while on public transport is uncomfortable you can leave a message. If you are the kind of people with a busy schedule; catching up with people you have not talked to for a while can be the best thing to do.

4. Make new friends

Although it is not safe to talk to strangers, you can say hi to a few people. Have meaningful conversations. Social interaction is important especially if you had a long day at work.

Stay woke about cons! Not everyone who acts friendly means well.

6.Browse online

Catch up with the trends for the day. It is also advisable to look into news related content so that you can be aware of what is happening around you.

4. Clean your car

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In case you are in a personal car, you could use this time to sort the items on your dashboard. Get rid of the trash. You can also use your wipes to wipe off dust and replace your car air freshener as well.

7. Organize your wallet/bag

This could be a bit difficult to do if you are using public means. If you are in a personal car, you can easily sort your bag, wallet or purse and get rid of any unnecessary items.

8. Listening to a motivational talk

Spending few minutes of your time listening to other people’s encouraging experiences gives you positive vibes. It is also good for your mental well being.

9. Make a to-do list

Planning ahead is always important.  With such a list, it becomes easier to get things done.




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