‘We Know Your Salary’- Murkomen Mocks Journalist Showing Off His Mansion

Senator Majority Leader Kipchumba Murkomen and KTN’s PointBlank Show host Tony Gachoka.

Senate Majority Leder Kipchumba Murkomen has held up to shame KTN’s Pointblank show host Tony Gachoka after the latter took to social media to brag off a sneak peek of his Mombasa manor.

The Senator while reacting to a post made by the Show host, on Saturday, insinuated that Gachoka could not afford the house and went aid to question how he acquired it.

“From whom did you grab it😳😳😳? We know your salary!” said Murkomen.

The veteran journalist had posted a video which he captioned “My Diani home this morning, some dark clouds and rain very soothing.”

The Senator and Gachoka have had a rocky relationship online judging from their verbal wars regarding their political stand.

On September 22, Gachoka claimed on his social media accounts that President Uhuru Kenyatta had cancelled the construction of the Kimwarer dam due to impending massive looting orchestrated by Murkomen and other Rift valley leaders.

“@kipmurkomen Uhuru cancelled this your pet project of Kimwarer Dam because of unimaginable looting; how the leadership of the rift including you can steal from their own people and deny them prosperity later to blame Mt. Kenya and our President is beyond me,” said Gachoka.

The renown journalist was reacting to the senator’s post in which he had lamented over the cancellation of the project.

In a rejoinder, the Senator hit back by attacking the journalist’s alleged close ally, Gideon Moi, who was facing accusations of making money off war-ravaged South Sudan.

“When are you hosting Gideon Moi at Point Blank atuambie hii maneno ya South Sudan ?” questioned the senator.

The two leaders’ day to day online wars is ostensibly provoked by their political stand.

Senator Murkomen is a well know supporter of Deputy President William Ruto while Gachoka has been a critic of the DP.

Being an employee of KTN, majorly owned by the Moi family, the journalist is accused of taking political sides in favour of Gideon Moi who is reportedly not in support of Ruto’s presidency.


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