Stivo Simple Boy Sets Harsh Conditions Before Doing a Collabo


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Fast-rising Kenyan artiste Stivo Simple Boy is not just an ordinary musician since he is single handly fighting criminal activities through music.

Born and raised in Kibera slums, Stivo has witnessed a lot of youths engaging in criminal activities and he wants to change the society through music, unlike other musicians who do music for fame and money.

Vijana tuwache mihadarati hitmaker cautioned that any artiste who is not well-behaved should not try to contact him for a collabo because he only produces educative pieces of music.

“Mimi sifanyi Ngoma yakupoteza watu, mtu akitaka collabo tunaweza ibiga lakini sanana ngoma iwe na mafunzo,Muziki mzuri mbaka iwe na ujumbe,”he said.

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Collabo with Rayvanny

A few months ago when he was trending after a section of netizens made fun of him, Tanzanian superstar Rayvanny pledged to do a collabo with him a thing which hasn’t happened to date.

However, Simple Boy explained that Ravyanny has never contacted him.

“Story ya collabo na Rayvanny haijabainika kama ni ukweli ama wa uwongo, Vanny boy alitaka kuniona lakini sijui kama ni Rayvanny wa ukweli ama uwongo,”he said.

Coming to limelight

Stivo came to limelight after he was featured on the Chipukeezy show.

His first song which he was advocating against drug abuse won the heart of Kenyans.

If that isn’t all, he has just released a new single called ‘Uhalifu’.Which he says is a step to help curb crime in his turf, Kibera.

 “My songs are all about positivity, to warn people about crime. This is something that I see firsthand here at home, there is a lot of crime and I want people to stop.

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