God Told Me Not to Work – Lisa Gaitho On Being Super Broke At 30 After Leaving Her Mzee

Lisa Gaitho is going through a financial crunch after breaking up with her Nigerian beau identified simply as ‘Onwaogu’.

She also relinquished her rights to fashion brand Siri Studio to her twin sister Anita Gaitho and since February, Lisa has not taken up a job much to the chagrin of her parents and siblings.

Explaining her reason to leave formal employment on her YouTube channel, Lisa claimed that God told her not to work, a decision that was at odds with the beliefs of her parents and siblings.

Speaking on her challenges as a born-again Christian, Lisa said “The biggest challenge is going against what people believe, what people think or the way the world is used to doing things. When I became a Christian after leaving Nigeria, God told me not to work, so I am not part of Siri Studio, I handed it over to Anita. I was not making a living in any way so obviously my parents and my siblings wouldn’t understand. No one understands how God told me not to work but I stuck with what God said and in the course of it all, I realized why. There is this lie that is fed that we have to be self-sufficient. It’s not Biblical at all.”

She then went on to add that she has 150 Shillings in her pocket but God sustains her as people often call her up and offer her money.

“God sustains you, its God you rely on its not your own strengths and that’s why many people get stressed and troubled. He gave me peace. I am willing to live under a bridge if it means I am doing things the way God wants me to live.
I am content and I am at peace…I don’t need money to go anywhere because I am not going anywhere that he hasn’t told me to go,” she added.

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