I Am Ready to Die – Woman Accused of Sleeping With Terrence Creative Speaks

Over the last few weeks, comedian Terrence Creative and his wife Milly have been rocked by a huge scandal, that of Terrence’s alleged cheating.

The comedian who is known for his ‘Kamami’ skits has been accused of sleeping with environmental activist Anita Soina. Weeks after this story broke out, Soina has broken her silence after Milly Chebby allegedly accused her of hacking her account.

Anita Soina (Instagram)
Anita Soina (Instagram)

Anita revealed that she thought she could withstand Milly’s bullying but it has gotten to a level where she cannot take it anymore.

“I don’t hack accounts. I have never practised. Milly Chebby with your pseudo accounts, sending them to attack me. Come with evidence that I hacked your account,” read one post.

She also claimed that Milly had sent thugs her way and she boldly declared that she is ready for thugs as she is not afraid of death.

“At this point wacha heshima ikae kando. I don’t think I have anything to lose. I am ready for your thugs, kifo ni kifo tuu. Tell people how I hacked your account,” read a warning from her account.

In a video, Soina continued to goad Milly,“Toa evidence nilihack account. I don’t care if people think sijui this girl is this and this it’s okay. But for now, I think it’s becoming too much. If you take my silence for weakness well and good, for now, let me just switch off all my gadgets.”

Messy Saga

This is the latest mess in the ongoing saga that involved Milly allegedly leaking Anita’s nudes and sending cyberbullies her way. According to the grapevine, Anita was even pregnant with Terrence’s child but had to procure an abortion.

The couple has however denied all this and has taken a united front.

Milly recently denied that they had hit a rocky patch by stating, “We are fine. Imagine ignore the rumours. If you did not hear it from us then it’s a rumour, keep loving us.”

In a recent Instagram live video, Milly opened up about the way forward and said that they are not breaking up.

“Hatuwachani, not today, not tomorrow or the day after,” said a seemingly irritated Milly.

Terrence also chimed I with, “ Tunaachana yeye anaenda salon mimi naenda kwa ofisi.”

Milly then went on to add that one has to have thick skin on social media and not be bothered by people’s pedestrian comments. “Its called social media lazima ukuwe na thick skin usipokuwa na thick skin, you lose it.”

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