Villagers Attack Police Officers & Free Suspect

Three police officers were attacked by residents of Kamurwani Village, Cheptais Division, Bungoma, after attempting to apprehend a suspect with a warrant of arrest Saturday evening.

The officers nabbed Stanley Ngweyo at his home, but his wife called on their neighbours for help claiming that her husband was being taken away by unknown people.

In response, the villagers attacked the officers with crude weapons, prompting them to shoot in the air.

The rowdy members f the public, however, remained violent and some of them managed to whisk the suspect away to an unknown destination.

The case is under investigation.

Meanwhile, a deeply mutilated body was discovered dumped in a bush in Kotondo Sub Location, Ndhiwa, Homabay County.

The body of Dennis Ogdoyo Ochola, aged about 36, had deep cuts on both legs, two deep cuts on the head and was partly burnt.

Crime scene cordon tape

Investigations into the bizarre case have commenced.

In Kisumu, a man was killed by an angry mob and his body dumped at his mother’s door at Koru area, East Kano location on Saturday.

Hussein Kal, 24, had allegedly stabbed a man who was later admitted at Avenue Hospital, Kisumu.

Mr. Kal’s body was taken to the Ahero Sub-County Hospital awaiting post mortem.

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