Women Start Turning Into Their Mums at Age 33

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Growing up, all little girls swear that they will never be like their mothers.

These promises are usually made when you are denied permission to do something fun you want to do or you are made to do chores when you would much rather hang out with friends.

Growing up in a traditional African household, girls are socialized that their place is in the kitchen and in homemaking while boys can do as they please. This leads to a lot of promises made by girls never wanting to be like their mothers.

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Surprisingly though, their worst nightmares come true when they themselves become mothers. More often than not women adopt their mother’s parenting styles and attitudes.

It is a demon no woman can run away from and according to a research done by a UK surgeon, the transformation happens when they become mothers themselves. The approximate age women turn into their mothers is estimated to be around 33 years old.

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Newsflash, you can’t run away from being a little uptight no matter how much you hated it yourself. It is a necessary evil when trying to bring up upright future citizens.

Whereas growing up you thought your mom had a shady sense of fashion, as a mom you slowly start to adopt her comfortable style of leggings and long oversized T-shirts.

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Morphing into our mothers isn’t the worst thing in the world and you should embrace the process. After all, you are a product of such great upbringing.

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