Best Ways To Tell Your Husband You Are Pregnant

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Pregnancy comes with a lot of excitement and an overwhelming feeling. Apart from carrying it for 9months, it can be such a tough assignment to break the good news to your partner.

It could be twice harder for a couple that has been trying to get pregnant for a long time.

It is pretty obvious that first time mothers are more likely to be flooded with emotions as they welcome this new phase. To those who are already mothers, they would probably have a perfect idea of how to share the news.

Although some would simply prefer being straight forward it could be fun to make a celebration out of it and this may call for being extra when telling their husbands.

45 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad

Here are some of the best ways to break the news

1.A sweet surprise

Surprises rarely go wrong and this could be your best shot. You can make it simple by decorating the house with a ‘You are going to be a dad’ message written on one of the decorations.

2.The Tummy Talk

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Use a marker pen to write the message on your baby bump. To make it fun, you can be creative by drawing funny faces that will make the bump more visible

3.Hidden Pregnacy Test

Place the pregnancy test at a strategic place; somewhere he could easily spot it.

4. Use baby clothes with a sweet note

For a first time pregnancy, having baby clothes in the house could be a good hint. Placing a pair of baby clothes on your bed will definetly catch his attention and make the announcement through a sweet message.

5. Call him or send him a lovely message

Although it is more interesting to see the reaction on his face, a sweet message or call could come in handy if your husband is miles away. Sometimes you cannot keep the good news for so long and insteadof waiting for him to come home, a video call could be helpful too.


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