Mishi Dora Hospitalized Days After Celebrating Tragedy of Man Who Tried Killing Her

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Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dora has been hospitalized days after celebrating the tragedy that had befallen a man who left her wheelchair-bound after running her over with his car. Karma came knocking at the door of the man identified as an MCA leaving him paralyzed after being electrocuted.

Mishi who is currently getting treatment at Nairobi Women hospital took to her Instagram account to notify fans about her condition.

Apparently the mother of two has been battling this sickness for years.

“Hello fam… I come to you to plead with you to help me get back on my feet…. I’ve been sick for years now but on Monday it got worse and I got rushed to the Nairobi women’s hospital by my colleague @wangeci_sabrina (thank you so much babe.. God bless you)coz I couldn’t breathe well… I was completely off.” She wrote.

Mishi further revealed that she is currently recuperating from an enlarged heart inflammation around her left lung.

“And when we got here I was taken straight to an emergency room and got helped… When I was stable I was brought to HDU where I’m currently recuperating from an enlarged heart and some inflammation around my left lung,” she revealed.

Mishi went on and pleaded with fans to her raise her hospital bill.

“It has taken me a lot of courage to come out and ask for help since the people I trust and call my friends and family haven’t come through for me… (It’s a lesson) I’ve been really going through a lot and still is…forget what you see on the media… I’m just a strong woman.. even now I still smile on this bed… I need urgent help to continue getting the treatment that Is needed and pay the bills… Currently, the bill is 147,000ksh still increasing as days goes by and they need 100k as a deposit.” she pleaded

“I can’t do this by myself as things are really not good on my side right now… Whatever you contribute shall go along way, please… It’s really urgent.. so we haven’t been able to get a pay bill number … You can channel your contributions to my number or to the hospital’s pay bill number (of which they advise it should be sent ones not in bits).. Thank you and God bless you all… Much love Mishi x”.

Her alleged killer tragedy

A few days ago, Mishi took to her Instagram to celebrate after the politican got paralyzed after he was electrocuted.

“Karma is the most patient gangster ever😂😂😂😂.. fam please fight your battles on your knees and leave the rest to God… This is the same guy that shot at me with his gun and run me over with his car and left me for the dead… I was on a wheelchair for like a year … Got crippled and have scars that hasn’t gone away to-date… Some are even covered in tattoos… Sometime back I cried for justice coz he bought his freedom and my case died like that before the magistrates…. Today he is PARALYSED…. He got electrocuted and now can’t move his body… God I thank you… JUSTICE CAN BE DELAYED BUT CANNOT BE DENIED…. Have a good weekend sweetheart,” she wrote.





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