Drama as Senator Isaac Mwaura is Mistaken For Al-Shabaab Leader

There was drama at the United Nations(UN) Headquarters in the United States of America(USA) when Nominated Senator, Isaac Mwaura, was denied entry to the annual general assembly on suspicion of being a leader of the terrorist group, Al- Shabaab.

The disability advocate said he struggled, felt very awful before he actually thought of talking about it.

Mwaura recalls how on Wednesday, he was submitted to profiling and on questioning the US Secret Service, they told him he looked like someone who was walking around with ‘a screwdriver’.

“I get into the building and check at the security. I do the usual stuff of emptying my pocket. Then I go through the machine and they do a body search. Then am told to step aside. I am kept waiting for over 30 minutes.

They ask for my ID and by this time they have picked my entry badge. I give them my national ID and NHIF card. They tell me that they are looking for someone who fits my description. Then they go like, the photo is for the same person but the names don’t match,” a post on his facebook partially reads.

                         United Nations Headquarters, New York

On offering to leave the premises, Mwaura was denied exit. They instead took him to Eric Bramwell, Lieutenant, Officer in charge of Investigative Unit, Security and Safety Service in a bid to help calm the situation that was now turning into an embarrassment, the senator says.

Eventually, they allowed him to attend the summit but to only later allegedly subject him to another profiling.

“Later on at the entrance of the venue of our meeting with President Uhuru, my other colleagues are ushered in while am being questioned. They take my badge and start taking photos of me secretly with their phones(again)….a secret service agent still follows us up into the lift while looking at me suspiciously. So when the President comes in, he asks me if am Al shabaab, Mujaheden or the Chairman of the National Riffles Association ( NRA),” Mwaura recalls in his post.

On serious concerns grounds, he decides to ask the secret service agents, this time women who had gone to talk to him to show him the photo of the person they were looking for but they couldn’t.

“They only murmured that it was someone who fitted my description that was following some certain king. They had no photo,” Mwaura laments.

Below is a link to the full Facebook Post that he talked about being profiled.


Posted by Hon Dr. Isaac Mwaura CBS MP on Friday, 27 September 2019

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