Chipukeezy Show Moves to Rival TV Station After Dramatic Ebru TV Exit (Video)

The Chipukeezy show has found a new home following Chipukeezy and Kartelo’s dramatic exit from Ebru TV.

The show will be airing on TV47 a relatively new station linked to Mount Kenya University founder Simon Gicharu.

“Hayaaa Sasa CINEMA ianze!!!! @chipukeezy #ChipukeezyShow #Director001 #VoiceOfTheYouth,” announced his friend Eric Omondi.

Exit from Ebru

Chipukeezy quit Ebru in a huff after the station ordered him to get rid of comedian Kartelo as things had gotten ‘too ghetto’ on the show.

“Hey, guys… A quick one. So, I received an email from Ebru TV asking me to terminate my agreement and Collaboration with Kartelo on my show. They say they are a bit concerned that the show has become a bit Ghetto because of the many Youths (Upcoming Musicians and Comedians) on the show. They requested that we try and change the format a little bit. Maybe interview more politicians and a few Corporate Executives. For as much as I respect their request or rather decision, I would like to categorically state that I feel my calling and mission could just be the exact opposite,” he wrote.

The diminutive comedian had earlier announced that his show would air on YouTube after leaving Ebru, but I guess he had a change of heart. Probably because putting a show on YouTube is not as easy as many assume.

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