Pressure Mounts for Ngilu’s Arrest Over Hate Speech

Charity Ngilu
Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu [Photo, Courtesy]
On Wednesday, pressure continued mounted for the arrest of Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu over allegations of hate speech targeting members of the Somali Community residing in the county.

A section of North Eastern leaders and Kenyans on Twitter made the demands amid pasture row between residents residing in her county.

An audio clip with a voice that resembles that of the governor was shared on Twitter in which a female speaker incites a crowd to take up arms and chase the invaders from Kambaland.

She goes on to say that she will bankroll Kamba men to deal with the invaders who are a bother to them.

“Don’t think those guns are powerful than our bows and arrows. I will leave you with money then we deal with these people. We are going to fight with these people. There is no other option.

“I am not lying to you. I will come young men from Mutha to come train them how to use a sow and arrow. To come train you how to use a gun so that we do away with these people.

“Men listen to me. Stop talking too much. I will leave my officers here to write down names and then they will be brought to me. We go train them. We buy them fighting equipment they come back to our land and deal with them,” the speaker is heard saying

She further states that “the constitution states that if someone attacks you, you can defend yourself. That’s what the law says and because these are people who are bringing us trouble, lets us deal with them accordingly”.

Some netizens, however, defended the governor highlighting that the government had failed to ensure peace between the two neighbouring communities.

The governor was yet to comment on the issue by the time of publishing.

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