Police Hunt for 3 Suspects Captured on CCTV Entering Murdered Tycoon’s Home

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The three were captured by the CCTV cameras entering the house before the manager was found dead. Photo/File

Detectives from Kericho have launched a manhunt for three suspects captured on CCTV camera entering the house belonging to the slain Rai Cement General Manager Chetan Vyas.

The three were captured entering the premises in the evening shortly before Chetan was found strangled.

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Rai Cement. Chetan Vyas was killed on Sunday night.

Kericho Deputy County Police Commander, Patricia Nasio said despite surveillance cameras installed outside the house in Kipsitet being tampered with before the brutal attack, the police have managed to retrieve the images of the suspects.

The manager was killed on Sunday night by unknown men, who gained access to his Kipsitet house in Kericho County through the roof.

While confirming the incident on Monday morning, Nasio explained that after accessing Chattan’s bedroom, the three-man gang tied his hands and legs, and, thereafter, strangled him.

According to preliminary investigations, the killers climbed up the roof of Chattan’s house, removed the roofing tiles, jumped into the kitchen and, thereafter, went into his bedroom, where they tortured and killed the victim.

The killers are suspected to have stolen cash of unknown amount in the house during the attack.

The body was found by the deceased’s house-help who went to the house to serve him breakfast.



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