Patient Dies From Wrong Blood Transfusion at Embu Hospital

A family from Kagio in Kirinyaga County is blaming doctors from Embu Level five hospital for negligence which led to the death of their son while undergoing blood transfusion.

Eunice Njeri Muthinja mother of Bernard Kariri Muthinja, 30, said that her son who could not walk was recuperating well at Ward 1 in the hospital where he was admitted two weeks ago.

However, Njeri noted that things changed after the doctors recommended for blood transfusion before being discharged.

The distressed mother said that the doctors in the hospital initiated the process of blood transfusion.

“We brought my son to Embu level 5 hospital in a bad condition. His condition improved and we were happy when the doctors said that they were going to do a blood transfusion. Little did we know that was the catalyst to his death! They transfused the wrong blood group,” said Njeri.

A sister to the deceased Betty Muthinja who was away when the blood transfusion was initiated said she was startled when she came to visit her brother and found the process of the blood transfusion underway.

Betty said on the blood bag label being transfused to her brother, indicated that it was for Bernard Njeru, 84 years old admitted at ward 7.

She said that when she enquired from a nurse why they were transfusing the blood intended for an 84-year-old man to her brother, the nurse just laughed and left after plucking the label from the blood.

She immediately returned with a pint of water with which she tried to flush the blood however it was too late after the mistake.

“When she came back she apologized for the mess they made and started putting my brother on drip to flush the wrong blood,” said Betty.

She said last week on Tuesday, she was informed that her brother had succumbed to the wrong blood transfusion.

When contacted, CEC in charge of Health Dr. Joan Mwende and acting Hospital CEO Daniel Mugendi refused to talk to the press saying that the matter was under police investigation and they could not comment on the matter.

Embu County Police Commander Daniel Rukunga confirmed that the matter had been reported at Embu town police station and was under investigation by the DCI.

The family Lawyer Antony Nyamu said they would pursue the case in court adding that hospital negligence could not be tolerated.

The family is now appealing to the government to investigate the matter and accord justice to their son.

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