Over 850 litres of Illicit Brew Destroyed and 2 Arrested

Two people were arrested for being in possession of illicit brew and three others for being drunk and disorderly in Kericho.

The operation was led by Tendwet location chief and Nyumba Kumi members.

The operation took place on Monday and proceeded to Binyinyi and Tendwet villages where they managed to destroy 850 litres of busaa.

On their way back, they came across a motorcycle whose registration number is KMEP 712C carrying 40 litres of chang’aa but the Boda Boda rider fled after seeing the team leaving behind the motorcycle.

The case is pending before the court.

Elsewhere, at around 5 pm on Monday, at Gathehu and Gitunduti sub-location, a team of security officers carried out an inspection and found some bars to be within the limits of 300 meters from learning institutions.

They were identified and recommended for the objection of the renewal of their license during next county alcoholic drinks control committee meeting.

They included; J.M Place pub, Kihuruko bar, Freedom of choice bar, Karumaindo bar and Inns bar.

In 2018, the high court ruled against the setting up bars near residential areas and schools.

In this ruling, Justice Chacha Mwita noted, ““Allowing bars and liquor selling businesses within residential areas will thus violate the residents’ right to live in dignity and healthy environment, fundamental rights enshrined in the Bill of Rights.”

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