Nyagwanga’s Stern Warning Over Sabotaging Big Four Agenda

Central Region commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga during a past public address

Central Region commissioner Wilfred Nyagwanga put on notice contractors who delayed completion of national government project stating they risked prosecution.

 Nyagwanga noted that the slow pace of completing government projects was unacceptable and irresponsible contractors ought to be sent parking as they compromised the government’s effort to meet its Big 4 Agenda.

“We are not taking it lightly that the contractors are taking projects only to abandon them halfway.

“We are following up some contractors and they will surely be put behind bars.” stated Nyagwanga.

An aerial view of a town in Nyandarua County

The RC who addressed the residents of Ol kalou town in Nyandarua County when he toured one of the stalled road project in the town, urged the public to report any cases of abandoned projects as any inconveniences was a disservice to the citizens who have paid for the services.

The four kilometer loop to improve the town’s roads had stalled with the contractor Don Woods having abandoned it for “lack of funds.”

The contract that had been awarded in 2016 has stalled for about a year with the government imposing a Ksh 10.2 million fine on the contractor for delaying its execution.

“We plead with the government to give us more time because we want the public object complete and running,” noted a representative of Don Woods Contractors who sought anonymity.

“The completion was frustrated by lack of funds as the government owes us approximately Ksh 500 million being payments for constructions at Embu airstrip, Busia border post and Voi airstrip, among others that we hoped to use to complete this project,” noted the representative.

Road leading to Embu Airstrip

He added that the contractors had resulted to disposing some of their real estate projects to meet the accruing expenses, promising to clear the road in three months’ time from October 2 this year.

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