Ezekiel Mutua’s Shocking Remarks About Akothee’s Revealing Dress Code

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Kenya Films Classifications Board (KFCB) CEO Dr. Ezekiel Mutua has for the first time sided with coastal based singer Akothee.

Speaking during an interview, Dr. Mutua proclaimed that he has no issue with Akothee’s dress code adding that as an entertainer she has to look good.

“Akothee is a performer and she has to look good I have no problem with her dress code as she said her legs are longer than the skirt,” he said.

“You know Akothee is a superstar and she has reformed she looks beautiful”.

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Dr. Mutua went on to explain that Akothee is free to do whatever she wants but at the comfort of her home since he has no control over what individuals do behind closed doors.

“I will only have an issue with inappropriate content when it is displayed in the public. However, if such was in the privacy of their homes, then KFCB will have no business with it,” added Dr. Mutua.

This comes after the president of the single mother was given a leso to tie herself when she showed up in parliament wearing a skimpily dress.

In her defense, Akothee explained that she has long legs.

“It’s my legs that are longer than the skirt, trust me it’s not me. I thought I was officially dressed until I was lessod…well that was fun,” she said.

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