DPP Out to Paralyse My Businesses, Billionaire Kariuki Says

Businessmen Humphrey Kariuki
Businessmen Humphrey Kariuki [Photo, Courtesy]
Billionaire Humphrey Kariuki has claimed that the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Noordin Haji is out to paralyse his companies by filing numerous cases against him.

Kariuki’s lawyer Cecil Miller told Justice Luka Kimaru that his client Kariuki currently has multiple cases pending in different case over the Ksh41 billion tax case filed by the DPP.

Miller stated: “The DPP actions to serve the illegally obtained freeze order on National Bank and KCB Bank has crippled the firms and brought lives of thousands of employees to a standstill.”

He argued that the DPP was abusing the court process by filing multiple cases against Kariuki and companies linked to him.

Miller prevailed on the court not to reinstate the orders freezing nine banks accounts of companies associated with Kariuki, Wow Beverages Ltd and African Spirits Ltd.

Noordin Haji
Director of Public Prosecutions [Photo, Courtesy]
He said, “The order for preservation of funds was mischievous and was irregularly obtained in Kiambu and served on National Bank and KCB, but not on the bank account owners.”

The DDP, through Catherine Mwaniki, urged the court to reinstate the orders which were stayed by Kiambu Senior Principal Magistrate Stella Atambo.

Magistrate Atambo ruled that the freezing order served on KCB and National Bank on August 19 were irregular.

On Monday, DCI officer Shem Njeru, in an affidavit filed before the court, claimed that the companies associated with Kariuki may have been involved in money laundering.

He said they sought the 90 freezing order from the Kiambu “due to the complex nature of how money is laundered”.

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