Common Mistakes Kenyan Women Make After Catching Their Husband Cheating

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The era of slay queens and the existence of online dating sites have made it easier for men to cheat on their spouses.

Although there are many reasons why men would cheat on their partners, how women react is what will determine the future of that relationship.

Here are some of the common mistakes women make after catching their cheating husband.

 Demanding to know about the other woman

They say the truth will always set you free but knowing more about the other woman in your man’s life will not only break your heart but also send you to an early grave.

 Insulting the other woman

Some heartbroken women will prefer throwing insults as a way of healing. These will not only expose your immaturity but you will be giving her power she doesn’t deserve especially if you insult her to your husband.

 Forcing him to choose, thinking he will choose you

There is no competition here you will lose this one especially when she’s young and sexy. Your husband will automatically choose her.

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 Beating up the other woman 

You are creating sympathy for her and making her looks like your victim to him with this one you are still giving her more powers over you.

Threatening to leave just to scare him

You are giving him more reasons to sleep around since you will have proven to him how weak you are.

 Crying to make him pity you

He won’t feel sympathy for you but he will feel burdened by the tears.

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 Telling his family

For crying out loud this is his family and they will all side with him making you look the bad person in that relationship.

Calling his side chick

Calling her will make things worse, you will achieve nothing except to acknowledge her and her know that you are insecure and will press-on with the affair.


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