6 MCAs Acquitted Over Assault Charges

Kisumu MCAs during a meeting on spending expenditure

Six Kisumu Members of County Assembly (MCAs) were acquitted at the Kisumu Law Courts earlier today after the assault charges against them were withdrawn by the complainant, George Mathew Amayo.

Amayo who is also the chief sergeant-at-arms at the county assembly of Kisumu said the parties had exploited legal provisions at the disposal of the assembly and amicably resolved the dispute.

Eliud Owen, the County Assembly clerk confirmed before the court that the matter was settled by an assembly committee and therefore it was decided to take down the case.

The sergeant-at-arm had accused MCAs Seth Ochieng (Market Milimani), Seth Okumu ( East Seme), Joseph Olale ( Nyalenda B), Ojwang’ Ogendo (Nyalenda A), Joakim Oketch ( Kondele) and Gard Okoth for jointly assaulting him on October 23, 2018, in his line of duty.

The charge sheet read that in October 2018, there was commotion at the county assembly of Kisumu and George Amayo attempted to restore peace when he got engaged into a brawl by the MCAs.

Feeling cornered, he shot into the air to hold them back but instead the MCAs started shouting and throwing stones at him and other officers who were also lending a hand in restoring peace causing him severe injuries.

Amayo sought refuge at the security officer’s room where he was forced to flee from the livid MCAs with property worth Sh20, 000 alleged to have been destroyed during the fracas.

The case, however, took a turn today before Chief Magistrate Julius Ngar Ngar who had to drop the charges against the accused in accordance with the law.

“The withdrawal has been done under section 204, CBC, and therefore the accused has been acquitted, so all the accused are now set at liberty,” pronounced the Chief Magistrate in his ruling

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