4 Things you Should Avoid Doing to a Kenyan Child

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A selfie video of a boy trash-talking about his school mate surfaced a few weeks ago and to most parents, this was a wake-up call to help them identify where they go wrong.

Today’s world is getting worse because a lot of parents aren’t doing a good job with their kids. Raising a child might not really be an easy task, especially when you have to juggle parenting and your career together.

However, some parents have learnt the art while others are slowly getting there. Below are some things Kenyan parents should avoid doing to their children.

Not Celebrating their Success

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Nobody would wish their efforts to go uncelebrated and this includes children. It could be small but as long as you show them that it is worth recognizing. Such practices are enough to encourage them to do more in the future. Celebrate their birthdays, through them a mini-party you will be shocked how this will do wonders.

Listening to them

Even the law permits a fair hearing for everyone. Children too have a voice and even if you know what they are going to say, don’t shut them up indiscriminately. You might learn a few thigs that you should address. If you really love your kids then you should know it’s unkind not to give them a listening ear.

Cursing your Children

Verbally saying harsh words to your children is one of the worst things you can do to them. You have to learn that there are different personalities in each child, one could handle some issues differently than the other. If they constantly listen to your harsh words they grow to be the exact same way as you. Try not to curse your kids, bless them and tell them good stuff, it helps beyond measure.

Sparing the rod

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Many of us are familiar with ‘Spare the rod, spoil the child’ phrase and this in some ways is usually misunderstood. As much as one would like to discipline their child, flogging them like wild animals is unacceptable. Sometimes they will annoy you and you will feel like killing them, can you? Always take your time before you react to situations.

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