Dear Nairobi Ladies, 5 Surefire Signs Your Boyfriend Will Never Get Over His Ex

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Getting over a past relationship can be a great challenge and if you are not careful, it might have a negative effect on your current relationship.

Although some love doctors would advise people to completely cut off links with their exes, some people tend to keep in touch for some reason.

It is quite understandable if your boyfriend is from a fresh break up. It takes time to heal. However, it can be a danger sign that he might not stop idolizing his previous woman.

It can be so annoying if he always finds a way to bring her into the topic even when you are discussion your relationship issues.

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Here are the signs that your boyfriend will never get over his ex

1. He talks about her every time

He will always bring her up in your conversations even if the topic you were discussing is unrelated. On the extreme ends, he will speak of the memories they shared together.

To make matters worse he will accuse you of not being a good listener or being jealous if you try to ask him to avoid talking about her.

2. He compares you to her

He always makes you feel like she will always be a thousand times better than you are. He will always speak of the things that she had and you don’t; what she could do that you are failing to do in your relationship.

Relationship expert Sarah E. Clark told Bustle “Even if they are complimenting you in the comparison, it is typically not a good thing.

“It’s natural to occasionally think about and compare or contrast things about the people we’ve dated, but if your partner voices those comparisons, it means that they are thinking about them more than what is healthy.”

3. He mistakenly calls you by her name

In a worst-case scenario, he will call you by her name which is enough proof that he is thinking about her.

I guess you have also heard of stories where someone mentions their exes name during sex; they were probably good in bed and you remind him of her sometimes.

4. He gets emotional at the mention of her name

He can talk about her but you cannot. At the mention of her name, he will want you to shut up and if you don’t, this could really piss him off.

5. He still hangs out with her

He cannot have enough of her and he would even lie he is going to meet up with the boys only to get a chance to see his ex-girlfriend.

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