Nairobi City Lawyers in War of Words Over Ethnic Politics


On Monday morning, city lawyers, Donald Kipkorir and Ahmednasir Abdullahi, engaged in a war of words over what the latter considered to be dirty ethnic politics aimed to alleviate oneself politically.

The prolonged, angry and bitter remarks exchanged by the two lawyers on social media began on Thursday when Kipkorir commented on President Uhuru Kenyatta’s decision to cancel Kimwarer Dam Project.

President Kenyatta, on Wednesday, cancelled the Ksh22.2 billion Kimwarer dam project following an investigation that established it was technically and financially unfeasible.

In Kipkorir’s opinion, he concurred with the president’s decision saying the Arror and Kimwarer dam contracts had been acquired through corrupt means, hence not legally binding.

He would go on to further declare the advice that Senate Majority Leader, Kipchumba Murkomen, was giving to be fake and lacked legal foundation.

Moments later after posting the tweet, Ahmednasir took the opportunity to hit back at the lawyer. He urged Kipkorir to stop abusing his Kalenjin community in a bid to gain political mileage.

Basing his argument that Murkomen and Kipkorir came from the same backyard, Ahmed did not see the reason why Kipkorir had to attack the senator for him to gain politically.

Hours later, Kipkorir replied accusing him of abusing Somalis who didn’t agree with the leadership of Somalia, wondering why he was interfering on the affairs of another country.

The two are, however, not new to taking jabs at each other.

Early last month, Ahmednasir was disappointment at gift bags that lawyers were receiving at the annual Law Society of Kenya conference, which were sponsored Kipkorir, terming them cheap.

He replied noting that he only gave the money but was not part of the tendering committee. He further taunted noting that if he was to make the decision, the bags would have been from known brands like Gucci.

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