Why Huddah Monroe Should Now Be Worried About Chipukeezy’s Girlfriend



Comedian Chipukeezy’s girlfriend Kibanja has officially ventured into the cosmetic industry and will be going against socialite Huddah Monroe.

Kibanja launched a new cosmetic line dubbed  ‘glow and essence’ which is under the umbrella of “Banjizzle” cosmetics.

Taking to her Instagram account, Kibanja broke the news of her new cosmetic brand to her fans and the reasons as to why she changed the business’s name from glow and essence to Banjizzle cosmetics.

“Guys! Register your business names ASAP😿 Anyways, unfortunately, the name glow and essence name was registered before I could, hence the name change, from now on its @banjizzlecosmetics, not glow and essence! ❤️,” she wrote.

Huddah Cosmetics

A few years ago, Huddah launched her own brand Huddah Cosmetics and was selected as the first social commerce merchant on Mula Shops.

“I started my company out of pure passion and vision to offer every woman a product that celebrates the diversity of African beauty. Huddah Cosmetics is for every woman who is strong-willed, outspoken and stands for what they believe regardless of what the society thinks,” said Huddah Monroe.

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Huddah Monroe also had some tips for upcoming entrepreneurs in the cosmetic business launch products that work for the African market.

“People ask me how I managed to make the brand success and I tell them it’s because I was able to bring into the market a product that complements the African skin. I have been a victim of buying expensive makeup from Europe that doesn’t compliment my skin color as makeup should do,” she revealed.


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