Mishi Dora Refutes Claims of Dating Politician Who Allegedly Wanted Her Dead


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Nairobi Diaries actress Mishi Dorah has issued a stunning warning to people spreading rumours that she an ex-girlfriend to the politician who allegedly tried to kill her twice in the past.

According to the socialite, she has never been in an intimate relationship the politician neither is he her baby daddy.

She asked people to stop spreading rumors and talking ill about her family.

“Just to set the record straight… I MISHI DORAH has NEVER DATED Libinus oduori and has NEVER been INTIMATE with him… He is not my baby daddy biko!! So kindly do stop spreading rumors and talking shit about my kids and me…. I didn’t get justice in court but God has done it for me… I’m at peace and actually hoping that this is the last time I’m gonna talk about this Man… I’ll be moving forward from now onwards,”reads part of her post.

She went on to narrate that her alleged killer has never apologized though she has already forgiven him.

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“He hasn’t apologized to me and I’m certain that he won’t but guess what I have forgiven him already… I can’t and will not forget about what he did to me and what I went through and is still going through to-date,” she wrote.

“He made me bleed on people that didn’t cut me… Almost became a psycho… I’m still psychologically disturbed to-date (hope I’ll heal soon).. … He might have broken my bones and damaged my skin but I’m glad and thank God for the GIFT OF LIFE.. and for that reason, I forgive him and set him free in my heart… I’m a survivor… I’m a miracle baby as the doctors referred to me… And I praise God for His Mercy… GOD DID IT FOR ME… HE WILL Do IT FOR YOU TOO.. JUST GO DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!!!”

Libinus Oduori is currently fighting for his life after he was electrocuted.


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