Sarah Wairimu in Court Again With Another Demand

Philip Murgor and Sarah Wairumu during a past court hearing

Sarah Wairimu Cohen, estranged wife to slain tycoon Tob Cohen, on Friday, moved to the high court again seeking an order to allow her attend her husband’s burial, which is slated to take place on Monday, September 23.

Through her lawyer, Philip Murgor, she filed an application to be released under police custody to attend the private ceremony.

If granted the court order, this will be the second time this week the court will have ruled in her favour. On Wednesday, she was granted a court order to attend her husband’s post-mortem.

In a twist of events, Ms Wairimu, on Thursday, said she will not attend the planned opening of her late husband’s will scheduled for Friday, September 20.

She claimed that the contents of Tob Cohen’s will had been “severely compromised.”

She alleged that a recent newspaper article, that claimed Cohen left to his sister a Ksh400 million villa in Nairobi, had cast doubt on the legitimacy of the will.

“It is evident that the confidential nature of the will you claim to possess or any others for that matter has been severely compromised, to the extent that our client has instructed us to inform you that she does not wish to participate in any related process,” Sarah stated in a letter dated September 19, 2019, written by her lawyer.

She maintained that any will set to be executed on behalf of her late husband must be proved through an appropriate application to the high court.

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